Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Nope, there was no miracle turn around of events. I did sell something in the shop, but it was patterns and patterns are so inexpensive that they can't make enough of an impact. Then there was the sale I had to turn away because it came from Italy where shipping lace is prohibited. The customer made it more painful, by trying again and again to see it there was any way around that, but it's really not worth it to try. I am the sort that gets caught and fined. I did however decide to suck it up and tat some things anyway. Sure, I'm enjoying the large crochet spiderwebs, but I'd rather be tatting.

I opted to dig through my older sold out pieces to see if there was anything hiding in there that I could remake and get re-listed. I found a bracelet to remake in burgundy and a necklace that I've remade before as a special anniversary edition. It was one of the first things I "designed". Yes, it's very simple, but it's still a nice necklace so there you have it.

I finished the necklace and got it listed again. I did start to dig again for something else, but it was getting late and I was losing momentum.  I might get up to that again today and I'm sure I'll spend some time crocheting as well. I've just got to keep working and maybe today is the day things look up.

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Vicky said...

It may be simple, but it's lovely!