Tuesday, October 1, 2013


While I was determined to make yesterday a 'tatting day', I just couldn't get any fresh ideas. Instead I fell back on old ones, with a bit of a twist. I made spiders, lots of spiders. This time, I used some of the vast collection of beads I have acquired through buying grab bags. I figured they would never get used otherwise, so the kids picked out the ones they liked with the right size and I tatted the day away.

It took me a bit longer to decide on how to sell them. I mean they don't take long to make and the beads are from a grab bag so they're all different. It would take forever to list them one at a time, plus it wouldn't be very cost effective to do so since I didn't want to charge much for them. I finally opted to sell them as inexpensively as possible as a random set of six spiders with the option of adding metal jump rings to make them charms if desired.

I also noted in the listing that you may request colors and I will try to accommodate those requests, but it is on a first come first served basis. I did already sell one set so some of those pictured are gone, but they're are plenty of creepy crawlers left. If you can't buy any, but you have an overwhelming desire to add tatted spiders to your life, I did do an instructable for their creation last year. Just a note, I did have to adjust stitch counts to fit each bead better since they vary so widely, but it's fairly easy to do with a little trial and error. Just share your spider creations with me if you make some!

I'm not sure what else I'll get up to today. I thought about making more spiders, but I really ought to wait until some more sell or I will be overrun with the things. Of course I could always give away the left overs on Halloween so maybe I will spend the day with my new growing arachnid family.

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West Pine Creations said...

They are adorable!!! Heading over to a friend's house so we can tat them. She needle tats and we read your blog daily.