Monday, September 23, 2013

So Sore

I had quite hoped to get distracted by adventuring over the weekend. Instead I let myself fall into one of those rare and frightening 'cleaning' moods. They rarely strike, but when they do, I just keep finding things around the house that need doing. It all started because I had been avoiding some yard work due to heat. Once I tackled that on a very cool Saturday morning, I had to keep going. There was vacuuming, generally tidying and on Sunday I tackled the bathrooms including the floors, which I never do and even attempted some wall cleaning. Flat paint was made by the devil, by the way. I am crazy sore this morning, but I still want to clean more things. The urge will pass soon, I hope.

I did get a couple of orders over the weekend, so there was tatting, just not an awful lot of it. Instead I found other creative things to do when I had a spare moment. I was actually a little afraid to sit down for fear the soreness would settle in my muscles and I wouldn't get back up.

I made necklaces with the beads the kids got at the Ren Faire last weekend. We made the Lowe's project that we skipped  when we went to said Ren Faire. Then there was a trip to the, already on sale, Halloween section at Michael's where I picked up some paper mache skulls that I painted white. They'll eventually become sugar skulls, I imagine. I know there was more and don't get me started on the list of emails I need to return today. Here's to a nice low key Monday so I can ease back into normality.

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