Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Odd One

It was another long, only slightly productive day. Schooling took a large portion of the day and then I had errands that needed running. I did manage to get a couple of pairs of earrings remade and I did, in fact, list the burgundy necklace. I'm not certain that listing all the colors together is the wisest move, but it certainly is the convenient. Well except for taking new pictures of all of them together.

I also spent a good deal of yesterday updating my phone and then figuring out how to use it all over again. I think I've got it all now, but there was a moment of panic when I got a call to make an eye doctor appointment and I had yet to figure out the new calendar. Then I got anxious, or nervous, or something, for no apparent reason. It was really quite an odd day.

The day ended with crocheting the spiderweb. I'm still not finished with it as I keep getting distracted and doing other things. So I guess that brings us to today's plans. We have a field trip to the Fire Station fairly early today, so it's quick schooling before and probably more schooling after. That means I probably won't get anything of significance done at all. I do still have one more pair of earrings as well as a necklace that can be remade. I'm personally crossing my fingers for a nice big sale to get me busy in a different direction. Either way I suppose I have plenty to get done whether I get to it or not is another issue entirely.

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