Friday, September 6, 2013

Just Keep Making

I am going to attempt to not complain in this blog post. There are quite a few things I could go all whiny about, but you don't want to hear it. I'm just going to buck up and recap the creative things I did manage to do yesterday. First, I did get the new pendant design done and listed. I didn't get any extra colors done, mostly because every time I do that, I end up with several pieces nobody is ever going to buy. It is listed as available in every color thread I have on hand though.

I couldn't seem to get motivated to tat anymore, so I looked about for something else to make. I remembered that I had bought this cross stitch phone cover and never did anything with it. I had ordered a black one, they sent white and then wanted me to jump through 100 hoops and pay for return shipping before they would send me the right one. I got a bit...we'll go with tiffed and put it away instead. So anyway, I found it and cross stitched little skulls into it and there was my afternoon project.

It wasn't a long project, so I found myself wanting for something else to keep my hands busy and my mind distracted. I'm not sure why I decided on crocheting a spiderweb doily, but after a quick internet search I'd found and interesting enough pattern and I was off. I know I should be more focused on the shop and tatting, but...wait, I said I wasn't going to complain. I'm not even halfway through the spiderweb, so I'll at least have that to do today and probably throughout the weekend. I'm using some odd thin yarn I was gifted whose true origin and makeup I am unaware of, but it has a bit of stretch to it and it's fun to use for this. Once it's gone I'm done either way.

That was a pretty complaint free post. Yes, I feel okay about that. Here's to having a day and weekend I won't feel compelled to complain about on Monday.


staci said...

Would you mind sharing the link to the spiderweb pattern? I've been unsuccessfully searching for one I like and I think that one looks great. I tried to make my own last year (to put your tatted spiders on), but I am not creative enough to make my own patterns.

TotusMel said...

@Staci This is the pattern I found:
Halloween Spider Web