Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Blame The Weather

Apparently it was still not possible to go a whole day without cleaning something. This time it was just a few odds and ends though. Walls, it was walls I cleaned. You see our house was painted with flat white paint because apparently it's the cheapest. Personally, I think it's a creation of evil as it picks up all dirt and refuses to give it back unless you want to take the paint with it too. A gentle hand, a magic eraser, and I was able to take the edge off of a couple of rooms though. One day we'll repaint this place...not anytime soon of course, but one day.

We've been spending more time schooling lately so I generally only have time for tatting well after lunch. I did get one necklace remade though that still leaves another in queue. I just kept getting distracted by other things. I can't even seem to list what they were at this point, but they were very distracting yesterday. I think it might be the change in weather messing with my concentration. It's finally started to really cool down at least at night and I'm so looking forward to the cozy days ahead. Not the bitter cold ones after those though. I could definitely do without those, but cool and cozy I'm ready for. It's like I feel as though I need to get ready by cleaning or something because soon the light will be gone.

Well here's hoping I at least take a picture of something interesting for tomorrow's post. Heck, while I'm hoping, lets' go for many sales, lot's of new ideas and maybe today I can avoid any major cleaning. It could happen, you don't know, the world is full of surprises.

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Madtatter80 said...

Oh how I put off cleaning, sometimes I wish I had an OCD with it!