Monday, September 16, 2013

Much Better

We had a pretty good, if exhausting weekend around here. The Northern California Renaissance Faire had it's opening day and thanks to two for one coupons and kids being free we headed there for much of Saturday. The dynamic is a little different when you're trying not to spend money in an environment designed to make you want to spend money, but we had a pretty good time anyway. We found a booth that was selling really neat beads and charms and the kids went nuts buying little skulls. We also didn't dress up this time around since the oldest child has outgrown her current outfit, but we've already got plans to fix that for next year.

I also had a pretty fine weekend in the etsy shop with a few custom orders. I made the newest necklace in burgundy on Friday, shared it on facebook and was asked to hold it for a customer. It never made it into the shop and it's heading away today and that's always an amazing feeling. All the orders kept me busy making all Sunday. All the remaking I now have to do should keep me busy today and tomorrow and maybe longer, but once I've got some time again, this necklace will get remade and make it into the shop. I think the color and the matte seed beads are just right on this one.

All the sales didn't undo the miserable first half of the month. I'm still way behind compared to last year, but I'm certainly in better spirits and I'm so very happy to be working hard again. The weather is finally starting to cool down a bit and it's almost feels like fall. I guess what I'm trying to say it that I'm feeling good this morning and I hope, wherever you are, you're having a lovely day as well.


Crazy Mom! said...

The thread color you're using today is one of my all time favorites!

Madtatter80 said...

This is nice in a different color, what a surprise!