Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little How To For You

I opted to turn yesterday's tasks around. I knew I should be remaking the necklace, but instead I chose to make some new one off necklaces. I did this partly because I had decided a few days ago to bite the bullet and use some gold toned findings and partly because I knew the end of the week would be creativity free, so I needed to get some out of my system. I started with this one in burgundy and it's the only one I got listed yesterday.

The next one I did was this one with lizbeth in medium fern. My phone camera has a devil of a time capturing greens and blues properly, so you'll just have to trust me that the colors looks better than it is shown here. I was so frustrated with this picture yesterday that I didn't even bother to share it about, not frustrated enough to get out the good camera, but still.

I was asked and answered a question about these yesterday that I'll repeat here. Can you do this with any charm? Of course you can, you just need a properly sized hoop finding to tat around. I was also asked for the pattern and I must confess that there never is one for these, but I can tell you how to do it yourself. You just tat around the wire adding picots at intervals of 3 or 4 double stitches. Make sure to count your picots when you finish the hoop to determine how many picots to skip to make a nice symmetrical design. Then chain whatever number will get you a nice curve skipping one or two picots depending on the look you want. Occasionally I add a second round that weaves over and under the chains joining to the skipped picots or a thrown ring off a chain. It's all experimenting and it will be different with each ring. If you don't already know how to tat around a ring, a quick internet search for 'tatting around a ring' will result in a good amount of graphic tutorials and videos of the technique. 

Right after the green piece, I went to the mail and found my key charms and new teardrop hoops. The hoops are smaller than the ones in the grab bag that I've used before, so I had to muck about with them a bit to get the new key pendant enough like the last one. It's still not exact, but I can repeat this same one over and over again, so I think we're good. I didn't get my chain in for them though, in fact I just got a shipped notice on it, so I won't be able to list them again until I get back from the coast.

I did work a bit in the evening on the necklace I was suppose to be working on, but I'll need to finish that today and I might get creative again, just to get it all out of my system, or more likely I will get distracted preparing to vacation. Only time will tell.


God's Kid said...

Those are totally awesome pendants!!! :)

goudenregen said...

Must try tatting around a ring sometime! Love how these pendants look.