Friday, July 26, 2013


I was bound and determined yesterday to not fall into the same trappings as the last few days. I didn't want to spend my day worrying about day 8 with no sales, so I got up and took a nice morning walk with the kids. I did laundry and dishes and as soon as I was moving enough to consider myself to be possessing momentum, I tatted. Now it was nothing requiring too much creativity, just the same old 'tat around' something, but it worked. I had put together these pendants a few says ago from findings and onyx cabochons that I had in my stash.

The first one was much simpler, just a small pendant on mini ball chain. The second was a little more interesting as it was just a pendant with nothing to tat around, but I wanted to use it so I found a metal ring big enough to surround it and put the two pieces together, sealing the ring. Then I tatted around the ring, which was fiddly with the fairly heavy pendant hanging on. Then it got the tatted chains, followed by the chain petals. These are definitely one of a kind pieces, but I might try the same method as the second one to utilize some more pendants I have in the stash that I thought I'd never be able to use.

The day just got better from there as I finally got a small sale to break the streak. Of course I'm crossing my fingers as I type that I don't just fall into another lull after that, but I am truly grateful for the change. Unfortunately the order left me only one small piece to remake and I already did that because I was fiending for more tatting. So today I'll just have to try to repeat yesterday and try to keep moving forward. Hopefully that will be enough to keep the Universe on my side.


God's Kid said...

Those necklaces are wonderful!! :)

Unknown said...

go ahead sales will surely come! your works ate pretty!