Thursday, July 4, 2013


Model:Charline Sauriol, Fannie Lora:Artistic concept
Before I get around to what I got around to yesterday, I have a story to tell. I meant to share this on Monday, but I completely forgot, probably because I'm never quite all here when I start writing. Anyway, some time ago I had a customer from Canada looking for a mask for a photo shoot. She bought one and I promptly forgot all about it. Then over the weekend I was sent this picture over on Facebook where she found me in the first place. I immediately asked if I could share it with you and since permission was granted, here it is.

So now back to yesterday. I did things a bit backwards from what I had planned. I ended up starting with some one off piece and finished the day with some cat ears. In the middle there I attempted to tat around some interesting looking filigree pieces and cut them apart with no mercy as I have apparently lost the plot on those and they turned out horribly.

The two pieces I did get done will both get listed today. When I shared them on Facebook and twitter, it was clear that the key piece was the most popular. In fact, I'm looking at acquiring some more of those same keys and getting some teardrop hoops on purpose so that I can make it a permanent part of my, I don't know, collection I guess. I'm not sure whatever I end up getting will look exactly the same, so I'm still going to call this a one of a kind piece with the disclaimer that similar, but not identical pieces may be made in the future.

Other than getting those listed, there's not much on tap for today. The husband is home for the holiday, but the temperatures are still suppose to be pretty high, so I doubt we'll adventure too much. That doesn't mean I'll get anything done either. I'm starting to feel the creativity wane a bit, so we might be at the end of the new pieces for a while. I'll try to stay a little interesting though.


StringyDogs said...

How neat, love the pic. Would be fun to know if it was published or is it for her portfolio.

Corina said...

wow great picture, with a great mask!