Monday, July 1, 2013

Busy, Busy

I actually had a much busier weekend than I had anticipated. Sure there was still the cleaning and the family adventuring, but since it was hotter than it had any right to be we spent a great deal of time at home, in our air conditioned cave. More time at home, meant more time for tatting.

Friday in particular was very productive. I started with another one off sort of piece this time around entirely different filigree pieces. Well I can't really call it a one off since I do have one more of the half moon pieces. All the bead I have are different though, so it's sort of a one off. I've even done this basic design before in different colors and with different beads.

I wasn't finished after this though. There's a vintage pattern for a
handkerchief edging with a great corner that I've adapted before, but I was never in love with the way it turned out. So this time I decided to throw out much more of the original design and work up the sides myself. I changed all the stitch counts, added new elements and this is the prototype I came up with on Friday.

I wasn't entirely satisfied with the piece so on Saturday I made more adjustments and added some swaorvski rounds because apparently I'm in the mood for a little bling with my tatting. I even managed to actually get both these pieces listed in the shop.

Aside from all the new tatting, I was lucky to get a few sales over the weekend, though I did just wake up to one of them cancelled, so that's a bummer. Remaking the sold pieces kept me busy for the rest of my cave time. Well that and forcing the children to watch all the Back To The Future movies. They'll tell you they didn't like them, but they didn't leave the room.

So today I really don't have anything on the schedule that needs doing.  The predicted temp for today is 111º so leaving the house is definitely not on the list. I'm sure I'll think of something to make as my brain has been working pretty good lately. I feel creative and productive and like I'm not wasting the summer. Here's to more days like these.


Mary Tatsme said...

I love productive summer days!

God's Kid said...

Both those necklaces look amazing!!! :)

goudenregen said...

Very beautiful necklaces. You are such a talented designer.