Monday, July 8, 2013

Not Much

I did so very little over the weekend worth mentioning. I was lucky enough to receive one sale which required me to make something for it and another that gave me a few things that needed remaking. I managed to get everything but one piece remade over the weekend while doing little else.

Saturday we had our normal adventuring followed by the unusual occurrence of company. We had some friends over for pizza and a late night of chatting, our version of late anyhow. It had been a while and it was much needed. Of course I was done in the next morning by cats who refuse to let me sleep past their designated breakfast hour of 4 and weren't afraid to use claws for enforcement. This coupled with my inability to go back to sleep in the morning or even take a nap means I am still tired this morning. It was worth it though. Sunday was normal adventuring followed by failed attempts to successfully recuperate masquerading as bad movies on television.

Unfortunately this means I have nothing of interest to show you and since I shall be working on remaking a back drop necklace most of the day, tomorrow is not looking to interesting either. That is of course unless something unexpected comes up. The tail end of this week is our anniversary trip to the coast, so unless the bits I ordered for the key pendants arrive today, those will have to wait until next week as well. It's not looking good that I'll get anything interesting done before I leave, but I'll try. I do dislike being overly boring though you know I'll just go ahead and write anyway.

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