Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm Back

Happy Monday all! I know, I know, I said I would write while I was on vacation. I said it would be easy and I had every intention of doing so and then I woke up in the hotel, pulled up the blogger app and realized that I was logged out and I couldn't remember my password. Yes, I am 'that' person. The one who allows the computer to remember all the passwords for me. It becomes such a long time between needing to remember them myself that I forget them. Of course I can just look them up on my computer, but I didn't bring my computer. Please don't scold me, the husband already did that for you.

We did have a lovely 15th anniversary at the coast. It was cool, not too busy and we managed some fresh adventures. We saw the Peacock Mantis Shrimp they just put on exhibit. If you are unfamiliar with this creature, I humbly suggest you watch this hilarious and true video, True Facts About the Mantis Shrimp. We had to crawl in a tunnel in the kids area to see him and it was so worth it...though I am sporting some great knee bruises.

We also finally got a look at the baby octopus that had been there for quite some time, but we'd never been able to see in it's tank. It had sneaked into the aquarium in some live rock and was discovered only after it had attempted to escape across the floor. We'd been trying to see it for maybe a year, but  he was always hiding. This time he was right there, in front, performing.

When we got home, I did in fact have the new chain I ordered in the mail, so I got the key necklace listed straight away. It didn't fly right off the shelf like I thought, but I still like it enough to make it a permanent part of the shop. That may not have sold, but I did have a few sales while I was off and when I was back home, pretending to be off. I got so little done over the weekend, I feel like a right lazy bum. This morning I have a custom order to get to as well as two large necklaces that need remaking. Those each take a day by themselves so I guess the first part of the week is all booked. Now I just need to get my rear out of vacation mode and get to work.

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