Thursday, July 25, 2013


Man did I have a blah day. I was going to say a bad day, but that would have really oversold it. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't...anything. Seriously, I do not do good with too much free time when I'm in a creative slump. I literally laid on the couch and did nothing for much of the day after I had run errands with the kids. Cat picture is for emotional illustration purposes.

I got so stir crazy with idle hands that I spent the afternoon finishing up a page in one of these fancy coloring books we recently acquired from the Costco. That's right I spent the afternoon coloring. When I finished that my stomach started feeling a bit upset, so I spent the evening in a whiny mood. I don't think I can handle another day like that one. I have got to snap out of this slump. I need a sale, an idea, an epiphany, anything to focus myself elsewhere.

So today, I stall try to do something worth doing. I only have a few weeks before the home schooling starts up again and I'd hate to waste any time just feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully the Universe is listening this time and today will be the day for something interesting to happen even if I have to make it happen all by myself.

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