Tuesday, July 30, 2013

That's Better

Well, I didn't get any amazing ideas, but I did decide that I wasn't going to be wasting any more time waiting. The shops out in the real world are already getting in Halloween goods, so I thought I'd just remake some masks that I haven't bothered with in quite some time. I'm not sure why I let Halloween be my excuse since I rarely sell masks for the holiday, too much cheap competition around, but it gave me something to do and that's what I did. By the time evening rolled around I'd finished and relisted two masks.

For my trouble I was rewarded with a sale. It was nothing that needed to be remade after it sold, but it did give the 13 year old me a giggle as it was sold to the 90210 zip code. So unless I'm blindsided by custom orders or something, I'm going to continue to did back into my 'sold out' listings and remake things that I let pass by in busier times. They may not be new, but enough time has passed since I made them that it doesn't feel like production work.

Time is running out for me to get anything extra done. I got in the last of the kid's school books and supplies yesterday. There are just two weeks and some change before my day is given over to the educational process. If the stack of books is any indication, it's going to be quite a long school day as well. Not quite yet though...I still have these last two weeks to work and work I shall.

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Madtatter80 said...

Enjoy your tatting while you can and you seem to have great persistence with your shop, I don't do well when selling things. And I've made all kinds of different things that are nice too, to sale. Not tatting but cakes and quilts doll houses. and so on. I think or what I've herd more successful people say is to keep it up, especially if you like what you make. That there is be low times. Maybe it's a problem with how you get the word out there. Who knows I myself haven't figured it out. But, you seem to be trying and not giving up :).