Monday, July 22, 2013

It Is Becoming

I'm feeling a bit off as of late. I'm not certain as to why, but it's definitely put a cramp in my creative mood. The entire weekend was sale free in the shop, which is likely to have contributed to the oddness, but it's something more than that and it's driving me batty. I shan't dwell on it though. I didn't do much tatting over the weekend because we decided to do a culling of the children's toys. That task took hours and it isn't even close to done yet. I also got in the school supplies for the youngest child and she has so many more books than last year that I decided I best get a new bookshelf before her sister's things arrive as well. It looks like the school year is going to be a time consuming one.

Late Sunday afternoon sore and tired from all those physical labors, I did finally pull out my tatting and get back to modifying the new pattern into things. I got one barefoot sandal done and then moved onto the slave bracelet design. I had wanted to start with the necklace, but the prototype taught me that there would be many more significant changes with that design. The feet and hands were much closer to right, though I did have to do many more changes. More joins to strengthen chains, a new ring toward the bottom for stability and several more stitch changes to make the piece lay right on rounded body parts.

Today I have the second barefoot sandal to finish and if all goes as planned, I'll get both new pieces listed. Then I'll get back to designing the necklace version. I think I know what I need to do to get it into the shape I want, but I already have an immense pile of prototypes and I just hate having all that wasted lace. I'll probably do a heck of a lot of thinking about the pattern changes before I put them to the needle. I'm also going to need to write up the stitch counts for this thing because they are all over the place. Usually I try for similar counts throughout a piece, but this needed so many changes that I fear even I won't remember if I don't note them.

I'm also hoping that the oddness works itself out today. Maybe I need to sell something or maybe I just need to get out of my head a little bit. Whatever I actually need, here's to it happening for me today so I can get back to what passes for my normal.


God's Kid said...

Those look wonderful!! :)

Anonymous said...

Both of those designs are beautiful. I like going barefoot around the house but it never occurred to me that I could still have something on my feet until I saw your barefoot sandals. I am now rethinking that... :)

I have also been feeling "off" lately. I thought it was just the heat and humidity (something I'm having trouble adjusting to after 30+ years in Colorado). But after 2 accidents in 3 days on our street last week I decided to check for Mercury retrograde dates. The last one just ended on 7/20 so maybe that's it. (Interestingly, the temperature finally dropped the next day.)