Thursday, July 18, 2013


Well, I didn't get anything new and interesting made. I have a good excuse though, I got distracted. No, it is a good excuse because I was distracted by custom orders. I got one in while I was making breakfast and I worked dutifully on a custom pair of barefoot sandals much of the day. When I finished with them quicker than I thought I started straight away thinking of a new design, but just as I pulled out my drawer of inspiration patterns, I got another custom order. So the books got put away and I got back to work.

Both customs were existing designs in different colors, but I took one picture just so I could have some tatting on the blog today.  Actually this gives me something else to talk about. When the order contained a custom pair of bobby pins, I pulled out my supplies to get some black bobby pins out, that I could not find. I mean I looked for like fifteen minutes before that little baggy finally slid out from a mass of baggies. My organizational skills are seriously lacking. Well actually it's more like I just need to get more bins so I can divide things better. Then again I keep thinking I should get rid of things I don't need or haven't yet used, but I fear the inevitable desire to have those things back as soon as they've gone. Pack rat syndrome is strong in our house.

Today I have a couple new things in the remake queue and then I'm kind of hoping I get distracted by sales again. If I don't I was almost onto something new yesterday, so maybe I can recreate that feeling and get something interesting done. If I can't perhaps I'll attempt to apply some more organization to my supplies. I guess that gives me plenty of tasks to choose from, now I just have to wait and see where the day takes me.


God's Kid said...

Very nice bobbypin!! :)

Vicky said...

If your findings are in plastic baggies, maybe you could organize them into hanging file folders? Then you could write on the folder's tab what type of finding is in that folder (ie black bobbie pins), and toss said baggie in the folder. Could keep everything nice & separated, & easy to find. :)
(Says the lady with her home turned upside down from shuffling to avoid flood waters & now moving homes. Ugh.)