Friday, July 19, 2013

New Work

Yesterday took on a whole different vibe from the day the preceded it. There were no orders to distract me so once the last piece in the remake queue was done it was up to me to find something to make. I knew I was done making small things for now. Don't get me wrong, I love little pendants and medallions because I love instant gratification. I quite enjoy knowing I can knock out multiple pieces in a day, but sometimes I want something bigger.

This time I started with a handkerchief edging, one of the many vintage patterns that would have required you cut the cloth to fit the lace. Now usually I work them as written before I make any changes, but I was already mucking with the pattern from the beginning. Ignoring many directions and adding joins where many didn't exist. I think I assumed from the beginning that I would turn it into a nice choker necklace, but as I worked it showed me a few more things it might become.

The necklace is certain, but I think it will become barefoot sandals and if I can make enough adjustments, it would be a stunning slave bracelet. Speaking of adjustments, it still needs quite a few before I even like it as a necklace. The shape around the sides comes up too quickly and with my new joins, there are a few chains that are superfluous now. So basically I still have quite a bit of work to do before it becomes what I want it too. Most of that work is simply staring at what I've done so far and imagining changes until one makes the perfect sense. I always hesitate with the second prototype, partly because I don't want to do much more that will be tossed in the scrap box and there are a lot of separate pieces in this one. I may tat fast, but I still don't like to waste too many efforts on designing.

So unless I am pleasantly distracted by sales, this is today's project. I will continue mucking with this vintage pattern until it is unmistakably mine. It's possible that I have control issues, okay, probable. Well, off to it then. Cross your fingers that it turns out.

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God's Kid said...

Great design!! :)