Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Three Pieces

I was determined to spend the day making and that's what I did. Hidden away from the heat, I tatted the day away. I do really hope this heat wave is the only one this summer though because I do actually hate the feeling of being trapped inside. I mean, it's not like I have places to be and things to do, I just like having the option if I want to leave.

So onto the tatting then. I've used findings like these before, but these ones were domed in the center instead of flat. I only had one in each shade, gunmetal, silver and antiqued copper. I actually have one more domed one in bright copper and a few flat versions lying about in brass, but I am seriously running low on the other findings in copper and brass. I still have tons in silver and tons more in gold tone, but since I personally dislike gold tone, you'll probably never see anything made with those.

I wanted to used size 20 thread for a finer look again, but I have way fewer colors in that size since generally I only use it for rings and earrings. I used charcoal gray with the gunmetal findings and burgundy with the bright silver. I was trying to step outside the black box for the day.

Next up I went with the evergreen and copper because that's seems to be a very popular color combination. I'm not sure what the stone is hanging at the bottom. That's one of the drawbacks to buying grab bags for findings and beads. I can tell it is a natural stone, but not which one.  I made each one of the pieces slightly different, though it's probably hard to tell since it was mostly stitch count changes. I didn't list any of them yesterday, so that's on tap for this morning. I also made up another pendant that I will probably throw on a metal chain and get listed as well, but I didn't photograph it. That one has a large stone and a teardrop shaped finding covered in salmon tatting...the color, not the fish.

The only bad thing about being so productive is when you don't sell anything the day you work so hard. Don't get me wrong sales have been pretty good lately, but all that work and no sales makes me feel like I worked all day for free. I know that's not how it actually works, but I'm hot and tired, so I guess I'm feeling a little whiny. Okay, now that that is out of my system, here's to another day of new creations, no whining and lots of sales.

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God's Kid said...

All 3 are stunning!! :)