Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That's It Then

I started the day exactly on task. I got the new necklace photographed and listed first thing in the morning. I posted the links around and then I waited. I waited for quite some time for something, anything to happen, but nothing did, nothing at all. So I took the time to notate the stitch counts for the piece on a picture, which I think is going to be my new go to move for remembering patterns. This doesn't mean I'll go back and do it for existing patterns, I'm too lazy for that, but in future I have a plan.

Once that was completed, I waited some more and still nothing interesting or even anything at all was going on. I got so desperate waiting for something that I decided to clean to get my mind off all the the nothing that was happening. I vacuumed, picked up and finally opted for the most terrible of tasks. I started sorting the kids clothes, boxing up the completely grown out of stuff, putting away the ones too small for one child and too big for the other and finally cleaning out their drawers until things were actually locatable.

It was a long day and rather disappointing day followed by a horrible nights sleep. I have absolutely nothing planned for today. Still no sales in the shop, so there's nothing to remake. I've got no good ideas stirring in my head for new pieces and I have no desire to clean or tidy anything else in the house. There's nothing quite like starting the day unplanned and with no motivation. I suppose it's time to call upon the Universe again to turn things around so I can get out of this funk. How about it, Universe, just a little something fun to do, huh?

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West Pine Creations said...

Very pretty necklace. I like the way it covers you neck.