Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Busy

Yesterday went about as expected. In fact the only real disappointment came when I wanted to remake a certain mask and couldn't because I didn't have the beads I needed. I'm still trying to decide whether it is important enough to order said beads so I can make it. I probably won't though. Since sales are slow, I really can't be ordering supplies I don't strictly "need". I did that when I wanted to make more of the key in the teardrop necklace and I have yet to sell a single one of those, so I clearly got ahead of myself there.

I did manage to remake a pair of barefoot sandals I hadn't gotten back to as well as a necklace that hasn't been in the shop for two years. Then I was granted the best thing ever, a custom order. It wasn't a huge order or anything, but it was custom sized and colored, so I had a task that needed doing and you know how much I thrive on that. I've almost finished with that project though, so once it's wrapped today, it'll be back to delving through those "sold out" pieces for more things to add back to the shop. My item number currently sits at 350 and I'm starting to think that is way too many pieces though. I guess we'll see where that number sits after the holidays. I'd hate to cull the list now. I also have a terrible time letting go of anything I designed ever. I guess I'll probably just keep making and listing until my brain literally runs out of ideas or people stop caring.

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