Monday, July 29, 2013

Too Quiet

Well, unfortunately the Universe did not stay with me after Thursday's sale. It was just a cosmic tease. The shop went right back into silent mode. I kept trying though. On Friday I made two more pieces. The first one here is similar to the one I did a couple of years ago for the Japan tsunami relief. I've still got a few more of these dragons and the matching sized rings, so I figured this can stay in the shop as a repeatable piece. I used organic linen thread for it so it was more of a pain to make than usual. The linen is sort of the thread equivalent of hand spun yarn with occasional lumps and this spots, but the result is kind of a natural, softer look.

The next one I made was  built around something from the stash of findings. It's a dyed shell of some sort and it looked lovely with Ocean Teal thread. I made it in a similar method to the pendant one I did on Thursday, all tatted together. It's definitely a one off necklace.

After both of those were done and listed, I waited. The ghost town had returned though and I was out of ideas again. The rest of the weekend was just family errands and cleaning out closets. You could feel the lazy in the air.

Wait, I did do, or rather read something amazing. Fabulously wonderful friends brought us back a signed copy of Neil Gaiman's new book from San Diego and I spent Saturday afternoon reading it. I'm so glad that I waited until I could read it straight through because it was most assuredly one of those, 'can't put it down' sort of reads. So thank you wonderful friends for book and the diversion it created!

Now back at Monday, I'm not sure what I should try and accomplish. The weight of the quiet shop is clearly starting to get to me, but I can't let it pull me under. I'll get up to something and hopefully it will be enough.


Madtatter80 said...

Really nice work love it, I have attempted to tat with that lumpy linen and it was to much. you've done great job love the color choices really nice work.

God's Kid said...

Wonderful dragon pendant!! :)
Very beautiful blue shell necklace!! :)