Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August

Well hello there August. You're going to be good to me right? July was a bit of a cold shoulder. I kept making new things, but July was having none of it. In just a couple of weeks I'll have little time for anything but schooling, so here's hoping August starts off great.

Yesterday after I finished up the custom order, I decided to do a quick giveaway on the Facebook. I tend to do those when I'm feeling a bit down because when people comment to win something, they generally say nice things. It is like a balm to a bruised ego and completely worth the effort. Plus, it often puts me back in the mood to work and work I did.

I mucked around with some more vintage patterns out of what I think must be a German book. When I see these antique and vintage books posted online, I just snag them and then by the time I get around to really looking through them, I've forgotten where I got it, or why. I worked up three different bits over the course of the day. I played with thrown rings, which I hate doing with two needles. I just dislike working with cut thread. I played with an edging I thought might make a neat bracelet, but it's far too unstable as it is. Then I did that rectangular motif in black, mucking with the design a bit so I could get away with not using two needles and that one I liked.

I put two of those together and I think with a little more effort, it could be a new cuff bracelet. I thought it would work out as it was, but as much as I like the negative space in the centers as a design element, it makes it too unstable there to hold up as a wearable piece. So I think I might add another element there and maybe get it listed today. I thought that I could add something to it as is, but the picot placement doesn't lend itself to the idea I'm working on, so I'll likely just have to make it again with a few more adjustments first. More prototypes...oh, joy.

So that's the plan for the first day of August and the beginning of the end of summer. As long as the smoke from a not too nearby fire that's is messing with my eyes and everybody's breathing dissipates soon, it should be a good day.


God's Kid said...

I like the look of that rectangle design!! :) You are very creative!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Yes you are nice job.