Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Starry Night and Morphing Earrings

I was a listing machine yesterday. Three pieces got up in the shop, but not until after some more crystal sewing, some ring adding and some facebook consulting on the new necklace. I did want to acknowledge the comment I got on the blog yesterday regarding the motif being similar to Frivole's quatrain piece. I had not seen that piece until the comment and I went looking for it. What do you know, the center to the design is just 2 ds different than mine which was itself modified from a pattern I saw in an Italian magazine. It's crazy how the same things are created independently of others. Of course hers has a lovely second round and I chained mine up together so the ends results are significantly different, but I did want to acknowledge the similarities.

Back to the necklace though, I ended up listing it without the rings on the edge I added, but you can see that version in the last listing photo. I noted that the rings were an option that could be added to the piece. Most people on the fan page favored the option to add them or not, some liked the addition, but others thought it took away from the tatting.  I still might make an even larger version, but my attention turned to earrings after I got this and the simpler version of the necklace listed.

The earring is just the corner of the motif with a couple of chains added and a ring to create a bit of a chandelier effect. After I made them though, they were sitting on the couch arm next to me and I knocked them into about this position. The light bulbs went off and I set about trying to figure out how to make the whole medallion happen. Sure, I could always cut and tie adding each section individually, but I decided to try for a one round version and I ended up with this rather large piece.

I'm still not entirely certain what I'm going to do with the piece. It will likely be a large pendant, but I can't decide whether it should hang like this or as a square. I'm also thinking about sewing some crystals to the design, but I used almost all of the ones I had on the lace maille piece. I suppose I should just order more, but again I haven't decided whether I need to order a gross of them and be done with them forever or if I just need a few packages. They are a bit pricey and I really don't see the maille piece moving too soon...cause it's a bit pricey as well.

I do have a piece to remake today and I think that the maille design might indeed work out as an ankle corset design, though it will require some more pattern adjusting to get it the right size. Then I still have to decide whether it should link with jump rings or be tatted together and should I embellish with crystals and if so, I'm gonna need to order those crystals. I really did not plan for this week to be a creative one, but it began with such a bang, I can't stop now.


louine said...

I love these pieces....I would hang the last one as a diamond just for the reason that it would make most people look more narrow in the shoulders.....square would make them look "thicker"(as my friend says"....try it both ways and see for yourself what you think.

AJ said...

I also like the piece hung diamond-wise, it looks sort of like a Gothic Celtic cross that way.

Imoshen said...

I just love the final picture of the 'motif' you made out of the earrings. Isn't it funny how things turn out. ^_^