Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Busy

I got next to nothing done yesterday, well next to no tatting anyway. First there was the rapid fire schooling session earlier than usual because we had to get to a doctor's appointment. The appointment was quite quick, just an annual check up for a really healthy kid. Then we ran some errands and home. This is when I realized that I had a lot more cleaning to do than I thought and began the slow process of picking up a two story house.

The kids left to lunch with grandma so that's when I had time to get some photos of the new piece. I didn't even bother getting dolled up like usual, but I got the new slave bracelet listed and that's what counts right? I didn't touch another bit of tatting the rest of the day as I mostly continued to clean after that.

I did get my supplies in and got them all sorted. I wish I could say that this means I will get on all those projects I mentioned yesterday, but the coming week is going to be more daunting than this one was. This weekend is the birthday party, then I have to clean up more to get the house back in order to host my brother and his fiancée for much of the week. Then there are dentist appointments, end of the year programs to attend and a field trip. Still I must get schooling done in the middle of all that too since there are still two weeks and some change of that left as well. I'm tired just talking about it all.

I will be sure to sneak some tatting in there as well. In fact I just woke up to the sale of the first twilight zone necklace, so I should make another of those. I'll probably try to get that done this morning and get a couple new pictures of it for the listing since the color way could make it look significantly different than the first. Or am I the only one who notices that sort of thing? So, off to it then and have a great weekend all.

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