Tuesday, May 3, 2011

See, Look, Tatting

Well, that was more like it...a typical Monday. There was schooling and dishes to do. There were children playing roughly and loudly and there was tatting to be done. I'll start by showing you the new necklace. Again, it's just another tatting over rings piece. This time I just just joined them together in a stacking pattern after making up each ring as I went. I wonder if I will eventually be able to know how many stitches I can get on a ring, because right now I just keep going until I run out of space and plan the next round at that point. I hung a grayish bead from the end that was part of one of my infamous grab bag purchases. It's probably just glass, but it resembles a smoky quartz and fit the design well.

Next up was a custom red mask and I actually got it done fairly quickly. I think I might have been itching to get back to work so it was like my fingers were spring loaded. I even got to start work on another custom piece. This one is a pair of barefoot sandals for a wedding, complete with eleven coin pearls sewn into each one. That will be today's project and then I still have one more sold piece that needs remaking. Then if I have some time left I might try the stacking necklace again with different bits handing from it.

In other news, the large order I've been tracking on its journey away from me has been signed for. Half of me is still expecting something to go awry, but that is certainly one less thing to worry about. I'd also like to use this opportunity to state that it would take some serious flattery and likely many dollars to make me ever go through that sort of drama again. Weeks of tatting one order, communication issues, payment delays and very stressful overseas shipping...many, many dollars and much flattery.

In other, other news, my youtube channel has been steadily getting more subscribers and the total views on all my videos has well exceeded 100,000 views. No, I'm not bragging...this time, I'm setting the scene. Along with all the views have been more questions and comments recently, so I think it's about time to set up for another video. I'm thinking I might try sharing two color tatting, even though it's not my favorite technique to use. Doing so will also allow me to show tatting with cut thread which I also do not utilize often, but it is certainly useful to know. I have no idea when I might get around to actually making the video, but I will start be coming up with a small project that I can use both techniques on. I'm sure I have something lying around, but finding it is another story. And I think that's all for me this morning, have a nice, normal or amazing day.


AJ said...

Barefoot sandals with coin pearls? That sounds so luxurious! What a stylish bride she must be :)

Sherry said...

I agree with AJ!! But I LOVE your videos and HURRAY for YOU on so many views!! I haven't taken the time to learn the needle tatting - it looks pretty straight forward, though, so I'll look forward to seeing the NEW vid! I met a lady who wants to tat but has weak hands.. I figured that shuttle tatting might be difficult for her, but am thinking I could try showing her needle tatting... what do you think?!