Monday, May 2, 2011

Back To Normal

The very worst thing about the husband being home for a week was I got to sleep in. It started with a few minutes, but quickly stretched to an hour and the cats just let it happen. I actually had to set an alarm to make sure I got up on time today as normality is restored...yawn. Anyway, the family finished up some more adventuring, gardening and random house related tasks. I tackled the closet and drawers in the kids room on Saturday. Everything that is officially outgrown has been bagged and clothes have been passed from one sister to the other and new clothes were bought to supplement the oldest daughter's shrinking wardrobe. That child is getting huge and it just won't be that long before she is bigger than me.

By Sunday I was back to tatting. I even got something new made, but I didn't get any pictures yet so you don't get to see it. It's just a simple necklace made with the metal rings. I needed something new to do and though I do have a custom order to attend to, I'm waiting for pearls for that one, so I really had nothing better to do with my time. Later in the evening I made another sale that gets to be remade today and just this morning it looks like a custom mask order rolled in, so I am officially busy again. I did enjoy the mostly off week for a little recharging. I love when the Universe listens well and lets the orders slow just when I need them to and brings them back when I'm ready. I know it doesn't always work out like that, but thanks for it this time, Universe.

So, today it is back to normality. There is schooling to do, the wunderkammer to schedule, tatting to tat and I must get back into my normal schedule of laundry and dishes and all those other tasks that keep us from living in man made squalor. I swear there will even be tatting pictures tomorrow. I hope my week off from tatting hasn't bored you too badly. I will try to be more entertaining this week...if I can just get enough sleep.


RandaGray said...

Everybody needs a break from their "normal" sometimes! Hope you enjoyed your week! =-)

Sherry said...

I think that the Universe gives liberally to those who give to others :-) I would have LOVED to homeschool my three... I am SO THANKFUL when I hear of someone who is caring for their little ones in that way! And then you give of your creativity - how wonderul to have the internet to be able to work and sell from home! And you have kitties in the household - mankind domesticated them so they are OUR trust to take care of! Yes, you deserve the delights that the universe brought you this week!! ;-) ~Tatikan/Sher