Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Ankle Corsets

I was all ready to get the ankle corsets listed yesterday morning when I looked back at the pictures I had initially took of them. I decided that I didn't like one element of them at all. They just didn't lay right. This happens a lot when I use one piece as a base, in this case the In Bloom ankle corsets, and add new elements to it, a modification of the Victorious necklace edging. They just don't naturally line up...sometimes you have to make them behave. So I ripped out what I didn't like and made them again and with just a few differences, they were just right. The clover edging also made these ones take quite a bit longer, but I do like the result. Of course all this meant an unplanned photo shoot in the morning and as luck would have it we were having a cloudy day. I somehow managed to still get some good pictures and they are listed now.

I immediately started wondering if I should have bought red shoes to take pictures of red pieces with. I bought off white ones for all the future white & cream pieces since black was so harsh with them, but I ultimately decided that the red looks good with the black. Besides, as much as it would be nice to have a pair of red heels, I know damn well they would only be used for photo shoots and if the black ones work, there's really no point.

I received an order for barefoot sandals in a custom size yesterday so that was pretty much the remainder of my day. I've been trying really hard lately to get any custom orders in and out as quickly as possible. I really need to get a few things remade before the list keeps growing. At the same time I am contemplating doing a bit of a clearance sale on a handful of pieces that have been around too long. My little storage bins are getting full to bursting and since I can't seem to stop making new things, something has to give. What I'll likely do is make a sale section, mark those things down a bit and hope it's the nudge people need to pick up a few of them and I won't remake them when they're gone.

I've been very overprotective of my designs in the past, keeping them all listed just as public evidence that they are mine even though I was certainly ready to let many of them retire, if but for a while. That was because of certain incidents and people that have since seemed to disappear(knock on wood). I don't want to let my guard completely down, but I really ought not be so paranoid all the time. One day I will get a nice portfolio up with all my designs from the very beginning, warts and all, but I suppose there really is no rush.

So today is more remaking and if I get a burst of creativity, I might whip up another one off. That will of course remind me that I said I would make that clearance section. Then I will have to find a more eloquent name for a clearance section, perhaps Retiring Designs Sale. Maybe then I'll get another order to keep me busy. You know how much I like busy.

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Anika said...

Those are wonderful! And I love the boldness.