Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspirational Thread

Today will likely be a complete wash, tatting wise anyway. We'll be off early this morning to visit the good zoo which is about an hour away. Then we will cater to the whims of the freshly minted seven year old for the remainder of the day, but yesterday I did get some things done. I picked up some of Yarnplayer's lovely thread last week. Yes, I got it because it totally matched my hair. However, I was having a devil of a time deciding what to make with it, so I asked the Internet. Everyone had a different idea and to be honest, most of them were good ones, which was the opposite of helpful. So I decided that it just needed it's own new pattern.

This is the bit I cam up with for the piece. I started with the maille motif, mostly because I just needed a jumping off point. Then I just made stuff up as I went. The intention was to create a graduated piece that would be easy to add tatted chains to and in that I succeeded. I tried really hard to get a quick picture of the piece that would show you the colors properly, but the sun was too low and the flash is little help with accurate colors. There is of course a small chance that I will have a little time this afternoon to get it photographed and listed, but since the day does belong to the kid, no promises on that one.

Once that pattern was off the needle, I started to play with some of the forms I created in the new motif.  I had initially intended to string a few of them together for a thick choker design and I still might, but that's not what I got up to. Instead, it's working into a thin undulating chain. I think once I get it to length then I'll work out a top edge to make a thinner choker design. Since I really have no preconceived design though, it could go an entirely different direction.

You already know my plans for today, but if I get a chance, I will try to get the new necklace listed and work on the new design as well. If I don't, well then you already know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

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