Thursday, May 26, 2011

Designs That Keep On Giving

I know I told you that I would be diving into the books I got, but instead I worked on the thin choker design that was born out of the Twilight Zone necklace. That's what I decided to call the piece made with the yarnplayer thread by the way...yes, because it's the name of the thread. Anyway,  It took two goes on the upper edge before I was happy with it. The first time around the stitch count was too low and it lacked some element. I was going to show you how it looked before I snipped out the new row, but I'd rather just share what it looked like after I fixed it. The chains have a nicer curve and I added a small ring to help bring the design up a bit. I got both this listed as well as the Twilight Zone one.

Then I decided to play with the design some more rather than go searching for something else. I stacked the undulating bit upon itself, added the same top edging and a similar bit as the twilight zone motif at the center. I thought about just leaving it like this, but after I asked the Internet what it thought, the consensus was to go ahead and turn it into a slave bracelet. I did get that done last night as well, but far after the light had vanished. Though there wasn't much yesterday to begin with...strange Spring weather we're having. Of course I wouldn't trade our weather right now at all. It's paradise compared with so many other places, calm, calm paradise.

My daughter has her annual doctor's appointment this morning and I really ought to get on some cleaning for her birthday party on Saturday so I'm not sure what I'll get done today. I did have a thought to take the new bracelet design and made a thick choker out of it, but that will be a bit of a long project. I should also be getting some supplies in today which will allow me to start back on the maille pieces with crystals. I still want to give an ankle corset in that style a go too, but again that will be a bit of a time suck of a project. Now, if I just didn't adore my sleep so very much.

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