Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not Much I'm Afraid

So tired. So very tired. I'm fairly certain that the kids had a wonderful time yesterday and truth be told so did I, but I could barely pull myself out of bed this morning from the exhaustion. We headed down to the zoo early and spent the lions share of the day there. Ironically, they have no lions. After the zoo, we headed to the toy store because as a member of their birthday club, she got a balloon and a $3 to spend on top of her birthday money. Again, very happy kids. We rested for a spell when we got home and then it was out to dinner where she not only inhaled her dinner, but a bit of mine as well. I'm going with growth spurt, it's going to be a long year.

As I had no time to tat I only have two bits of tatting related news to share. First, I petted the stingray...with the arm wearing my newest cuff bracelet. This was unintentional of course, but it provided me with some road testing for the jewelry that I rarely get first hand. I rarely wear my own pieces except for pictures, partly because I never go out and partly because I rarely take the time to make myself anything and actually keep it. Sure, I wear pieces around the house to test them out before I sell them, but I don't generally dunk them in fishy water. Anyway, the the purpose of the story is to say that these things are pretty darn durable. I rinsed it out there at the zoo and let it dry on my arm and it's fine. It could use a pressing but now I know first hand and I'll remember to use my other hand the next time.

The other tatting related bit is what I got in the mail yesterday. I am really picky about which tatting books I acquire. I know that even looking through them will inspire me to make and disassemble pattens and basically re-imagine everything I see, so I only buy old books. I have downloaded many from the antique pattern library and bought as many from the forty's as I can and I basically have all the ones that are generally for sale anywhere. This means it's hard to find anything I would want that I don't have, but I did find a couple and they arrived yesterday, so you can imagine what I'll be doing today. Yep, scouring their pages for things to change and manipulate and make my own.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in today's post, I left the picture taking to the husband yesterday, but hopefully today will will produce a few things worthy of sharing tomorrow.

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