Thursday, May 5, 2011

Too Warm

I had a hard time staying on task yesterday. I think it was the was hot. Not as hot as it will get mind you, not even close, but 90 the first week of May is a bit much to take. It's suppose to be just as warm today before it cools off a bit the rest of the week. No joke, I actually found myself on more than one occasion, just sprawling across the couch like one of the cats. I did manage to make something new, but fairly useless at this point. I was using the corner of another design and morphed it into a heart. I really don't need another tatted heart design. I was hoping to come up with something more clever from the corner bit and I guess I still might, but since it is in fact new, I figured I'd at least share it.

I've been dealing with a small glut of improbable requests. You know, this with that sort of things. Can you make this piece, but with that there instead? Often these requests are more than possible, but lately they've been ones that would severely deplete my brain cells to figure out or we'll just stick with improbable. You know how much I love a challenge but I am just not in the mood for improbable right now. Perhaps it is the afore mentioned heat. So, I've been politely honest in my replies stating that the thing they'd like done is not something that will likely work out. After years of making what some might call ridiculous pieces, I have a fairly firm grip on the limitations of the lace and how it will ultimately behave. I suppose I just don't feel like fighting it right now.

The week is almost ended and I am still trying to get a necklace remade...I keep getting distracted. I will get that done this morning I promise and then perhaps get back to playing with that little corner. Maybe it will finally tell me what it wants to be and I'll get it made up into something more interesting. Also, I don't think I'll be making any decisions about that pattern gig for a couple of days at least. I need to figure out if I can honor the time commitment involved when I can't even stay on task for my own small projects. It could be Spring fever...I can blame that right?

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