Friday, May 6, 2011

It's The Way Things Go

Well, I am a tad bummed this morning. I recently discovered that the secret project I've been yammering on about fizzled into a whole lotta nothing, as least as far as my contributions to it go. Basically, I was paid for some pieces for a project and they were not ultimately used for said project. I could dwell on that, spiral into the depths of self doubt because this sort of thing just keeps happening every time I get close to something great and whatnot or I could just say, 'Meh, at least I got paid'. I am going with the latter. I am also not going to divulge any details about the project as a precaution. The pieces are still out there in other hands and there is no sense in me burning bridges, you know...just in case. That being said I am also not holding my breath. Instead I am just moving on.

I've got a couple of new pieces on track to be listed this weekend. I think I might get one up today, but I'm not certain which one yet. I thought I'd add a teaser pic of one of them though. Clearly it's a mask and it was designed for the secret project, but I made another to list. I figured I'd wait until I knew one way or another to list it. Since I now know it went the other way, I might as well use the designs in the shop.

Other plans for today and this weekend include a whole lot of family geek. We'll head out to see Thor, make a project with the kids at Lowe's and head to a video game tournament at the comic book shop where it is also Free Comic Book Day. Then there's Sunday and the barbeque for the our respective Mother's which means I need to get the house into some semblance of order before it is overrun by cousins. So big, non tatting related weekend ahead and after that everything should be, well, back to normal.


Amy Nicole said...

Sorry the project went bust. The mask looks beautiful and the picture is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

No te desanimes, te lo digo yo que infinidad de veces mis avances en los proyectos fueron utilizados por otras personas y a mi me dejaron colgada, pero la creatividad es tuya, el conocimiento es tuyo, el diseño es tuyo y va contigo a donde sea, Nadie te lo puede quitar. Adelante, siempre hay algo nuevo y muuuuy bueno

Michelle said...

You have such a marvelous attitude! I'm sorry it didn't work but I have every confidence that when tatting hits it big, it will be because of YOU!

Stunning picture of the mask!

jenilin said...

amen to michelle you have already put tatting quite a few places nobody thought it would go like the runway. and anyone google imaging tatting now sure gets a better view because of you than years ago; I am quite sure more people's interest in tatting increased after seeing your tatting rather that the old school stuff that used to be there.