Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look At My Feet...Again

Wow, new two days in a row. Given my more recent lack of anything new, two days in a row can be considered a significant achievement. The piece I needed to remake yesterday was a slave bracelet and as I was working on it I made the decision to turn that sucker into a pair of barefoot sandals. I again abused that Betsy Evans heart pattern by changing all the stitch counts yet again, to make it large enough to sit on the foot. I added the toe loop and then puzzled awhile on how to best add the side ties. The other sandal motifs had easily repeatable bits that lent themselves quite easily to corner attachment, this one, not so much. I did eventually settle on a simple chain and ring combo similar to how I made the bracelet attach to the wrist portion. I know you're probably shocked that I made them in red too. It's a nice deep cranberry color and I just finished a mask with this thread and I guess I was in a red mood.

Other than the barefoot sandal business, yesterday was fairly normal. Schooling has about a month and some change left so I'm just trying to keep us both interested enough to get through it as the weather outside gets increasing pleasant. The sweet, cool breeze keeps calling to us and luckily we can just skip outside whenever we like. There is just not much else to report unless you want a laundry play by play.

I did have a few other ideas while I was off adventuring last week that I will try to get around to trying out soon. Just bits of other patterns that told me they could be something else. I'm not sure any of those ideas will properly manifest, but I never am, so I'll give it a go. Oh, I do have a question for you all before I stopped rambling. Has anyone ever worked with a company to design patterns for them to distribute? I was contacted by someone to do that and I'm thinking on it, but some experienced advice would be lovely. The patterns would be distributed for free and I wondered what one would charge for that service. I've never sold a single pattern so I'm in the dark here. If you'd prefer to message me privately, my email is in my blogger profile. I honestly don't even know if I feel comfortable committing to the time needed to design and create a tutorial, but more information before deciding is always good. Well, that's it then, off to the day.


Sherry said...

I did some design work many years ago for "Cameo" paints... some of my designs are STILL in their iron-on patterns :-) I got $300 once from them for re-designing 12 quilt blocks, painting one full set, buying everything for a quilt, putting the quilt together and quilting the entire queen-sized thing. It was in the 70's, so $300 seemed like a lot, but it wasn't even enough to cover the quilt, let alone the re-working of someone else's design (including research on period costuming) and painting them! It was nice for the recognition, but then I have never been able to REALLY charge the right amount to get paid for what it takes to do something like this! But you have good business sense, so I'm sure that whatever you decide will be the right thing :-) Maybe it would be good for additional notoriety, which can always lead new people to your site and store!

Sherry said...

By the way, the red is AWESOME and the way you attached the string looks great! Like you've said before, there are certain people who are attracted to these... I think they look really FUN! and the world can always use a little more of that ;-) ~Tatikan/Sher