Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Sun

It's official, the sun was actually back yesterday. We headed outside after schooling so I could pull all those pesky weeds that soaked up all that rain. It was a lovely day outside, but weed pulling has a way of sapping my strength...perhaps it's the plants revenge. Anyhow, as I came back in I was rewarded with a nice sale in the shop. That was just what I needed to get me back in focus. So I finished up the new choker and using the new found sun, got it listed. I did wear it around for a bit first and it actually works out just fine width wise. I was afraid it was going to curl too much, but it seem to match the curve of my neck and settled.

Energy rediscovered, I set about getting all the pieces sitting on my desk finished. Occasionally, I'll make a piece and them set it aside without adding the hardware. I had been doing this a lot lately, but once I got that done I felt so accomplished that I had to make more. I flipped back through the Italian magazine and found a motif to play with. Unlike the others though, I think I made this one almost unrecognizable with all my tinkering. Then it was the matter of what to do with it. I figured it was time for a bracelet.

Three motifs together usually does the job and a couple of hooks on the edge makes it easy to wear. It was so pleasant to wear in fact that I decided I was keeping it. I wore it out with the family on our evening nature walk. We have a creek that runs just behind the other side of our street and with the snow melt starting from the mountains it is high and the kids love to search for new bugs. So we walked. When I got back I noticed a bit too much curl on the free chains at the edge of the bracelet so I added another row to bind those motifs together better. I hadn't pressed it yet, but I really like it better already. I'll likely make some final tweaks to the pattern and get one made for the shop today. So if the world doesn't end tomorrow, I'll talk at you Monday.

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