Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Lace & Silliness

In stark contrast to the day before, I did just about nothing I said I would yesterday. Not a single mask was made, nor even started. In fact between laundry loads I was just lounging about trying to think of what I'd rather be doing. After schooling time was over I began to dig through my supply bits for something to inspire me when I ran across these bead slide things I had recently picked up. I figured they would work out well int he quadra bracelet design. I opted to make it a little frillier with some extra picots since I was using fancy beads.

Once the bracelet was made I decided it should just be a whole one off set. So I made matching earrings and a pendant on a snake chain. I only bought one strand of the bead slides and even though I know I can get more, I think I'll just leave it at this one set. I didn't finish it in time to get pictures. OK, maybe I did, but I wasn't dressed properly and I really didn't feel like changing just to get proper pictures. So I will get around to that after schooling today and I might have another piece ready to join it as well.

I just happened across one of my vintage books on a trip through a pile looking for something else entirely. This one was from the 70's. Yes, I am aware that calling this book vintage means I am vintage as well. No, I am not happy about that assertion, but moving on. I thought I'd just work up one of the patterns for fun and when one motif was complete I though that three would be the perfect length for a nice cuff bracelet. I left off last night on the third so it should be wrapped this morning while I have my coffee.

One last funny before I go for the day. I was doing a search for ankle corsets. Yes, another one of those vain google searches, when I ran across a listing on Alibaba, a global trade site that hosts individual sellers. It was one of my listing photos for my In Bloom Ankle corsets listed there as 'ANKLE CORSET SOES'. They go on to describe them as corset pumps from Korea and Japan available in one color and several sizes from the Philippines. This probably isn't even a case of rip offs being made. I warrant it's just a lame attempt to scam people out of money since there simply is no way they can supply anything bearing resemblance to the photo, though I would be curious to see if there was an actual product. I did check into their flagging system on the site and it requires you to sign up for an account, provide documented proof of intellectual right holding and a copy of a valid photo id. Yeah, I'm not emailing a copy of my photo id to anyone, that would bring some bad juju for sure. A lovely friend sent an initial inquiry to the seller asking the price and materials used, so we'll see if she gets any response and I'll let you know.

Honestly, this is mostly amusing and I since probably shouldn't link to it and give the page more traffic, here's a screen shot instead. You click on it to see it bigger and read the awesomeness. I really can't imagine there are too many people who would fall for the 'payment by western union only' along with all the other sketchy details, but I do hope no one gets scammed by this. Well, off to the day then. I hope you all have good ones!


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AJ said...

Oh good. I've been looking for a new pair of soes.

Koza domowa said...

Great works! :)

Unknown said...

I hate all of the scams out there; they make me crazy! Sorry to see your photo pulled into one, and I hope that no one falls for that ridiculous listing. Have a wonderful day!