Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, Monday

Well, the Earth is still spinning this dark Monday morning and it follows quite a busy weekend. On Friday I did make some adjustments to the new bracelet design and I got it done and listed. It sold in ten minutes. That sort of thing happens so rarely that it is worth mentioning. I then spent much of the rest of Friday making another, so there is one in the shop now.

I also got the black bamboo in the post that I ordered from an etsy seller. Why did I order a black bamboo plant? Well, it's gorgeous and if I can managed to control it's growth properly, it should make an amazing privacy screen. Oh and I found it much cheaper than the $50 and up that it usually sells for. Mine is just a baby and still green, but this is what this stuff looks like when it grows up a little. It apparently has the ability to get to a good 35 feet if given enough room and good conditions.

Saturday was a crazy bustle of activity as we watched my sisters two girls in the afternoon and then had my brother in laws two girls for a sleep over. We also managed to plant the Purple Robe tree that we bought a couple of weeks ago which meant digging a huge hole in clay soil. Yes, I dug that hole and my back and arms are still suffering for it, but the tree is in the ground ready to grow for us.

Sunday was a trip to the in laws in the morning with the girls and a bit of errand running. Then it was home to try and relax the rest of the weekend away. That means this was the only time I had to get some tatting in and since I had a few pieces sell during the weekend, it was just remaking. I sold a piece of the shoulder jewelry, so when I remade that I used up all that particular chain I had on hand. I could no longer put off a supply order, so I sent in another ridiculously large order for chain and crystals and a few other odds and ends to get to the all important price break.

So what of the upcoming week? Well, my oldest turns 7 on Tuesday so there is a trip to the zoo. Her party will be next weekend and my brother and future sister in law are coming to visit next Monday for a week as well. So there will be much cleaning to get ready. There are also many other thing going on next week that make me want to get as much done for the shop this week as I can to keep the stress level down. To relieve your stress, I present two sweet looking kitties. Don't be fooled, this pictured was taken only a few minutes after a mighty battle.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

The black bamboo is super cool. And I like the bracelet.

I lurve the white kitties and their curled-with-joy paws!

Ann Martin said...

The cuff bracelet is gorgeous, as is the black bamboo - never knew about the black variety. Neighbors have the usual kind which is pretty prolific stuff, but as you said, it makes a good shield.