Monday, May 9, 2011

What A Weekend

The weekend went basically the way I said it would with one small exception on Friday. Right after breakfast I received a message from a magazine asking to use some masks for a photo shoot. You know I'm not going to tell you which one in case this one falls apart too. Anyway, I did have to think about it a bit, but since they needed them for this week and they are shooting in London, I wasn't afforded the opportunity to think for long. I was offered the use of their shipping account to send them, making it an easier decision for me, so I went ahead and packed a few up, rushed down to the fed ex place and shipped them. In fact they have already arrived this morning. So, we'll just have to wait and see how this one plays out. Hopefully much better than the last one.

I did list the new mask I teased on Friday. This one points both up and now. I swear it actually stays on fairly good, but I do recommend a spot of spirit gum on the top point if you're going to be wearing it for a long time or going to be fairly active. I also have a new ankle corset design that used this same repeating clover motif. The new pieces started out with the edging from one of my collar necklaces, Victorious which is from a 40's era collar pattern. I was actually shocked at how well the design worked for both pieces. I will probably get the new ankle corsets listed later today. I had meant to do so over the weekend, but I was as busy as I thought I would be.

Let's see, what else? So, I get vain google alerts for 'totusmel' and I got one for a YouTube video yesterday morning. Huh? So apparently there were at least two of them and they are these spam things that used my 'totusmel' name in the title and a description of my tatting videos, not a cut and paste one, but they actually wrote one up and attached this to a clip with a static image of website link. I flagged them and guess what, they were actually removed. So, do me a solid, if you run across any of those whilst on YouTube, just flag them as spam. I'm actually kind of flattered that they bothered. I imagine that they do this sort of thing using all kinds of videos as jumping points to scam people doing searches for popular search terms. I just really didn't want people thinking I had anything to do with that and I've become pretty protective of my name.

I do have a few pieces that need remaking this week, but there are no pressing projects on deck. I just finished up a custom mask and a pair of pieces made in a dark blue, so I guess I'll just be rolling with the punches today and hoping that the week is a good one.


Unknown said...

Me fascinan tus diseños de frivolite y te hago una pregunta. ¡Que hilo utilizas para lograr esa consistencia?

TotusMel said...

Thank you Maria! I use DMC Cebelia thread for most of my work, sometimes Lizbeth as well.