Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry for the late post. As you may be aware, blogger has been experiencing "issues" and now my whole day is thrown off. I can't honestly remember what I meant to post this morning. I'm sure I had something to say about my left shoulder's better now. I was probably going to mention that I managed to get stabbed in the throat by cat claws(don't ask) so now I can't retake the pictures I had intended to take. In short, it was a bothersome day and add to that today's bother bloggerness and well, I'm just all floopy now.

I did manage to get both the one off set listed yesterday before the little bothers added up as well as the new cuff bracelet I had mentioned. It turned out well with three motifs being perfect for a six and a half inch bracelet. Of course this design can't really be scaled and I closed it with hooks. So I guess it's one of those that fits you or not.

I'm trying to think what else to share with you today, but apparently I am more coherent at 5:30 in the morning that I am later in the day. I do have an idea for my next big show piece project  kicking around today and I picked up a couple of vintage tatting books to add to my collection, so whenever they arrive, I'm sure to have a few more ideas. I hate to leave you for the weekend on such an odd note, but it's better I go now than babble on aimlessly, so until Monday my friends.

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