Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Single Shuttle

Well, look at that, I did what I said I would do. I set up a sale section in the shop. I didn't add as many pieces to it as I thought I was going to. There are still a few more pieces, mostly made in colors I usually don't use that might still end up there, but I do like people to see that they have a color option occasionally, so I suppose we'll see about that one. The section is called 'Retiring Designs Sale' and you can also get free shipping if you use the code 'FBFREESHIP' at checkout. That code is actually good for any blog read or facebook fan at anytime should you actually remember it exists. Right now the pieces in the section are all either one offs or designs I am letting go, at least for the time being. So in other words nothing in there will be remade anytime in the foreseeable future.

In other non news, I decided after finishing one piece that needed remaking to take break and make something new. I went with a vintage single shuttle pattern. Why? Not sure really, I have no use for the finished piece really and I hate working with cut thread. It tangles and argues with me and reminds me constantly why I never work these sort of patterns. This is just the beginning, I went ahead and worked the whole motif of five sprays. It's a five pointed star and way too big to be a pendant. I played with wrapping it around my wrist or foot and I might still figure out some way to make that work, but don't hold your breath. I might even just use a single spray for something or modify the pattern a bit for something else entirely. Then again, I might get distracted and forget I even thought about it at all.

I know there was something else I was suppose to share, but I'm not remembering what right now. Wait, Yeah, I can't remember what it was, but you know I'll be back tomorrow and if it was important I'm sure I'll mention it then. I've got a handful of masks on the remake list since I sent some to that magazine shoot. Usually they return from these things completely unharmed and the shoot was scheduled for this week, but it's always better to have things made and on hand. So today, it's either that or I play some more. I can't tell which way the wind is blowing yet, I guess its still too early.

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