Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lack Of Motivation

The sun came out and it brought my energy with it. I got pictures of this piece as well as the lace maille piece in brown and the matching earrings for that one. All of this had to wait until after schooling since the sun hid until then. It also continued to play hide and seek once it was back which resulted in some interesting photos, one dark, one light and so forth. It might have taken a bit longer than usual to get decent photos, but I still managed enough pictures to list everything.

Then I stalled for a bit. I tend to get to a point when I'm making new things where I just need something to sell. It's almost a necessary justification for me to continue creating, but it's been a couple of days since I've sold a thing. I've also got several supplies I should order and after taking pictures of the brown maille pieces, I'd really like to get a nice brown over bust corset to take pictures in. So to recap, lots of money I want to spend, but can't since there is currently not enough money coming in to justify it and lots of things I want to make, but not enough motivation to keep me going. I'm sure it's just a phase and everything will be just fine soon enough, but if I can't vent here, where?

I did manage enough motivation in the evening to play with another bit from that Italian magazine. It's quite the challenge to work patterns in a language you don't read, but luckily the pictures are fairly clear and combination of the two makes it possible. I'm working these large flourish pieces together with the same motif I made the maille with only with more picots. Then I plan on hanging another from the center like a pendant. The design is working up very wide so I'm not certain it's going to make the most practical choker, but I suppose chokers are rarely practical anyway. I should get it finished up today and then I'll probably wear it around the house to see how it holds up. You know, product testing. If it works I suppose I'll get that listed too which would bring my items listed to 229. See, too many things listed. Alright, it's out of my system and I'll get back to work, people to take care of and lace to be made.

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