Friday, April 29, 2011

The Week Is Ended

T'was another mostly tatting free day. I did manage to get schooling done and then there were countless errands to run and odd little yard tasks. I do have to say that the weather here was so lovely that despite allergies I was quite happy to be outside much of the day.

Let's see what I have to share...not much I'm afraid. My large order package is moving speedily across the world and seems to have gotten very close to its destination. No, I will not stop worrying about it until it's delivered and no longer my responsibility. I still haven't heard from the customer who sent back a necklace without any note. Part of me wants to just ask, the other part, who has a stated return policy that was clearly not followed, wants to just do nothing because the rules are there for a reason. However, I am not a particularly patient person, so we'll see how long I last.

The family is headed off on some more adventures today, nothing huge, just shopping really. Again, this likely means little tatting time for me, but before I go, I do have one picture to share with you. The husband was doing the front lawn when he heard the familiar cries of baby birds on our roof. He discovered these two chicks, one precariously perched on the roof and the other already in the rain gutter. We moved the roof one in as well to prevent disaster as we'd found a dead chick the other day on the sidewalk, but didn't know where it had come from. The nest looks like it's actually up in the second story eaves, so the birds must have fallen and rolled. Mama bird is still about, so hopefully, they'll be safe where they are until they are ready to fledge.

That's it for me this week. There have been some interesting tatting ideas brewing in my brain that I haven't gotten to try out so maybe next week they will emerge and I'll have some precious tatting to share.

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mica said...

Spring is so traumatic! We seem to have a fledgeling fall out of the nest every year. Some we can save, some we cannot:( It's worth all the worry though when we get to see them take their maiden flight. We love watching the parents teach the little birds how to fly.