Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

And the vacation is over. We're all back to the salt mines. Of course my salt mines are still at home, but they are full of other tasks that must be completed, primary amongst those is the schooling of the kids who really don't want to be back to school. Back to the weekend recap though, as it was a packed one. On Friday my sister got married at the courthouse, this was followed by a get together at our house for cake and I pulled out some champagne as well. If a wedding isn't a good enough excuse to drink in the afternoon, I don't know what is.

Saturday we did a little adventuring and some kite flying with the kids. We came home and found out that my brother-in-law had just gotten engaged. The day concluded with a trip to the closest Apple store to get my unfortunate phone replaced. While it seemed like it took forever, it was a fairly pleasant experience and best of all I have a new, shiny, dry phone. The rest of the weekend was devoted to marathoning several episodes of the new show Daredevil on Netflix. Yes, it's good...really, really good. Even the kids liked it, though there was a lot of looking away during some of the more, we'll go with violent, bits.

With all of that I only managed to pull out my needle and thread once. I am itching to create something new, so I doodled a bit can came up with this scaled triangle. This was actually the second attempt. It utilizes split chains, which, I am am far from an expert with, so it took a bit to get the tension good for the shape, not to mention the stitch count. I'm thinking I might hang it from the top corners on chain for a necklace. Maybe I'll find something to hang from the bottom as well. I was just thinking maybe a tassel. Of course all this presupposes that I get a little free time today to work on the idea. Here's hoping for a stress free return to routine.

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