Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mermaid Tail

There was quite a bit of stalling yesterday after schooling the kids. I'm not entirely certain why, but I just didn't want to do, well, anything. After lunch though, I buckled down and got to work. I had two design problems to solve, making a tassel and securely attaching said tassel. I figured out the tassel pretty quickly, it wasn't particularly hard, it was just something I'd not really done aside from the occasional sad one on the end of a bookmark. I wanted to make sure this one would look good as jewelry. Once I had one made, I knew I just didn't want to tie it on. I decided to add a tight loop to the top so I join join it into the piece like a second tatted element. It seems to have worked well.

After I popped some chains on it, I was hankering to try it with different colors partly just for the practice. Mermaid green was suggested as a color, so not being certain what green would be considered 'mermaid', I used a hand dyed green I've had for ages. After that I grabbed a Victorian red to try as well. Neither of those have chains yet, so that's on deck for today. The green suggestion did give me a name for the piece though. It is clearly a Mermaid Tail.

As soon as I posted the finished piece on my facebook page, I got asked if the pattern was available for sale. I guess I just find it crazy that the minute I finish making something new, someone thinks I've already created a printed pattern for it. Man, that step takes forever and come on, can't I just have the creation to myself for a bit. Okay, rant over.

I should get these finished up and in the shop today unless something else interesting happens. I might even make it in another color before I do, maybe variegated. I actually enjoy making the piece, split chains not withstanding and it might be neat to see what a variegated tassel looks like, or it could be horrifying. I guess the only way to know is to try it out.


Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Maybe see it as a compliment that someone wants the pattern?! Not sure, just trying to help, :) I do wonder if you could point me in the right direction to find a tutorial on a split chain. Sounds interesting and useful!
Have a great day!

SWtrompeter said...

I like it - the name suits the pendant well, and the shape is pretty.

I guess tatters want the pattern so we can make it ourselves - for many of us, the fun is in the tatting. I guess that's why we don't keep everything we've tatted - we can make another, and enjoy the process all over again. I'd definitely consider it a compliment that someone is already asking for the pattern. :-)

Erin Epps said...

Mermaid Tail suits it so well. It's fabulous. How do you come up with things like this? I do good to just reinvent patterns by adding extra pivots or things like that.