Friday, April 10, 2015


Well yesterday was quite a day. On one hand it was a complete disaster, on the other, quite lovely. I guess I'll start with the disaster part and go from there. As I was getting the household ready for our trip to Yosemite, I became distracted with making sure we were well supplied for the day. This distraction led to a horrible mistake that resulted in my phone entering a small body of water. I'm not going to expand on the description, but I assume I shouldn't have to. The phone seemed fine at first, but as the day worn on, it got worse and worse. I know that I shouldn't be so distraught over it, but then I couldn't get an appointment for a replacement at the closest Apple store anytime soon, probably due to the watch coming out. I have become hopelessly dependent on the thing and now it seems to be giving up the ghost.

On the lovely day side, it was a beautiful one up in the mountains. We walked up to Bridalveil Falls and the Lower Yosemite Falls. The kids were even fine with the museum and Indian Village. Luckily the camera on my phone was still working yesterday and I managed to download the photos when we got back. Given the phone's behavior this morning, it's a good thing I rushed. This one is the kids at the lower falls.

Today, we have a wedding at the court house to attend and a small gathering at our house to host. There's also an annual doctor's appointment for one of the kids. I guess what I'm trying to say is it looks like it's going to be another busy,  tatting free day. I just hope that it's a disaster free day.

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