Monday, April 27, 2015

Better, I really needed that weekend. We did our normal adventuring, but we added in a nice evening with friends that we don't see nearly often enough. It was also this lovely friend that became the first to take home one of my Mermaid Tail necklaces. So that also meant I had one to make over the weekend as well.

It wasn't the only tatting I did either. I lazily tatted up some ears for a cat ear headband and I even attempted to doodle a bit though this session produced nothing worth note. I'm not sure how much of anything I'm going to get done this week though. It's testing week for the oldest child, but the youngest doesn't have to do it yet. That means I've got to ferry one and still get schooling done with the other three day this week. I have hope that something interesting and fruitful will happen this week.

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