Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I managed to a get a lot of things done yesterday, not that anyone would notice. I spent some time pulling weeds in the yard. With a water shortage, the last thing I want to do is waste it on weeds though I'm guessing that you can't tell from the street that I did a thing. I still have the back yard to do as well, but my legs are killing me, so it'll have to wait a bit while my out of shape self recovers. There was some crochet while I watched television and I also finished one book and started another, though I suppose it's debatable that any of that is getting something done.

I did get a bit of tatting done too. I started with this doodle that is clearly a little wonky. I owe the wonky to the short split chains I attempted to climb out of each round with. I seem to be much better at them when they're a bit longer. These short ones are just not stable enough. No worries though, I made a second motif with out using them and the design looks much better. I'm tossing about the idea of building off of this for a pendant necklace with maybe another tassel, but I have yet to sell any of the last tassel pendant, so I might be silly to add more tassels if no one really likes them. Just because it's fun to make something doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Again, no orders or projects in queue today and nothing out of the ordinary with the kids on the schedule either. I guess I'll play with the new motif and see what I can come up with. Hey, at least it's kind of a plan.

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