Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So Much Reading

Well, I did it again. I spent all my free time reading. We had a little family adventure time and yes, that cleaning I mentioned took place It was more of a grand sorting though. We're trying to get rid of the kids used toys, but our pack rat nature is making it a very long, drawn out process. Most of the day though, I sat down and read. I finished Ready, Play One. This was followed by reading the entire third novel in the Origin Trilogy, Atlantis World. If that all wasn't bad enough I started reading another one, this time an older Philip K. Dick book in the evening. What I didn't do was any more tatting. I really should just call the kid's Spring break my tatting vacation and accept it. I guess well just wait and see what today brings, I could still be surprised by huge sales or inspiration. What? It's possible.

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