Monday, April 20, 2015


Another long, mostly tatting free weekend. There were lots of errands and catching up on shows still clogging my dvr. We finished watching the season of Daredevil on Netflix, which was very good. I even did a little crochet to keep my hands busy whilst watching that much television.

The most interesting thing we did though, was to get the oldest daughter her birthday present over a month early. She'd been wanted a rat for some time and we were looking for cages while the kids swam at their grandparents house. We had intended to just get a cage and accessories and wrap them as a gift, getting the rats later. Instead we found that the shop had the rats we were hoping for. It was a terribly unusual that they has such young rats, so instead we took the kids and let them pick the pets now.

The child didn't even mind that she was going to have to forgo more gifts on her birthday for this. The cats however are seriously unsure of this new development. It's been many years since we kept rats, and that was before we had kids, so this should be interesting.

I didn't have any orders in queue and I currently have no good ideas for any new designs. As usual I'm hoping some outside force will act on the situation and cause some positive change. Fingers crossed for some lace soon.

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