Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tassel, Again

There was more reading yesterday and more television watching, I think I might never catch up, and there was more tatting as well. I decided that I liked the idea of a tassel even if I have little evidence or feedback that it's a good thing, so I proceeded to make the motif again. The tassel has to be made first so I can securely add it like a bead. I also added some smaller motifs to the sides to create a more substantial piece.

The plan is to then add metal chains to those to create the necklace. I could just do a Josephine chain, it would save me using the chain I have on hand, but I like the way things hang on real chain sometimes.

I might not get around to doing that today though. Testing season has arrived around these parts and it starts today with the oldest child's physical fitness test. I have to run her there and back, or stay with her depending on how long it's suppose to take. This is our first year with this one, so I've no idea. Hopefully it will be quick and painless, then I can put together this necklace and I'll have no excuse no to get it up in the shop. Tomorrow she has a special online class for the other testing that is three days next week. I find it amusing that I am stressing out a bit over tests someone else has to take, but what are you going do? Here's to painless testing and maybe some more creative tatting ideas.

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